I go to one of the world's best yoga shalas

I go to one of the world's best yoga shalas. (Don't bother checking my attendance to validate this claim. I'm sure if one of the world's best shalas was a whole 20 minutes from your house, you'd have trouble making it there regularly too.)

One of the reasons I love it is because I suspect that Philip, the yogacarya & co-owner, is a Jedi master. So when I walked into one of his classes last week & he said, "Today's class will fill you with bliss," I got really excited.

Instantly, my brain went into mad scientist mode: "Psst! Keely! Experiment alert! Remember how the whole Jedi theory came to be? Philip said a class would be difficult & it was, but we realized we had done the same class before & didn't think it was difficult because he hadn't said it would be? And we were like, 'I think Philip's a Jedi master who is trying to teach us an important lesson about the mind?' HERE'S OUR CHANCE TO TEST IT! Let's pay close attention to the poses & sequence to see if he's Jedi-mind-tricking us into bliss."

My brain is pretty good at talking me into things & I almost leapt on this opportunity. But my heart had an objection: "While you two were plotting, I kept listening. Philip's offering this class because there was a school shooting 30 minutes from here yesterday. How about you let me have this one? No looking a gift horse in the mouth. No trying to prove any theories. Let's just let go & enjoy the class.”

My brain & I were about to laugh at our sappy heart when she added, "I won't say that it's a flawed experiment design but...you know that you cannot be Jedi-mind-tricked if you spend the class trying to figure out if you're being Jedi-mind-tricked, right?"

She won.

So I stayed in my heart for the class & got the bliss he promised. Then in Savasana, Philip shared a moving tidbit and, because I was already in my heart, I was flooded with compassion & gratitude.

As I rolled up my mat & went to thank Philip, my heart said, "Thank you for letting me have this," & my brain said, "Thank you for asking." Then I said, "Does this mean we're getting closer to heart-mind integration?!" And they said, "Shut up Keely," which, if you think about it, is basically a yes.

Originally published on Facebook & Instagram on February 25, 2018.

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