Commit to Persevering

There were days in my depression where I didn’t shower. Days in my alcoholism where I didn’t leave my house. Days in my eating disorder where I didn’t eat.

But you know what I did every day no matter what?

Had a cup of coffee or tea.

For as long as I can remember, not a day has passed where I didn’t have a mug full of something. Sure, maybe I tipped some whiskey in. Maybe I drank it instead of eating a meal. But I had it.

It didn’t matter what mental health crisis I was spiraling into or how poorly I was functioning. I had a mug of coffee or tea.

I think that’s the case for most people who struggle with mental health issues. Our worlds may be falling apart, but we have our coffee or tea.

That’s why we all need Mental Health Mugs.

Mental Health Mugs are more than mugs. They’re symbols. Symbols of support and encouragement.

They’re a daily reminder that you’re not alone in your battle. That there is hope for you. That you can get well.

And, perhaps most importantly, Mental Health Mugs are a reminder that you DESERVE to get well.

Every mug is chock-fulla well wishes for you. You get to hold it in your hands and know that there are people like you, people who battled and weren’t sure if they would make it…but then they did.

There are people who have persevered, people who have fought and won. And we want you to join our ranks.

Get your Mental Health Mug. Commit to your battle. You can win it. And we will be here, cheering you on.

Psst...the "Begin" mug is a good one to start with.

About the Author:

Keely Carney is a mental health advocate and the founder of Mental Health Mugs. She's currently digging the Progress Not Perfection Accent Mug.


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