Introducing Corrie Van Horne, Mental Health Counselor, Dietitian & Mental Health Mugs Advisor

Corrie Van Horne with her "Stigma Fighter" mug

I spent most of my life completely ignorant to mental health in general. What I did know about it was based solely in stereotypes and the cultural narrative. I went through a divorce when I was 30 and my life came crashing down all around me. I started seeing a therapist because I was at my rock bottom and needed a way through. It wasn’t until then that I began to learn about my own struggles with mental health. Through my personal work I learned that I had been dealing with bouts of anxiety and depression for most of my life as well as trauma, codependency, and some orthorexic tendencies. I am so thankful for that divorce, which led me to seek help. 

For me, mental health and oppression are inextricably connected. It has been through my own examination of mental health stigma and oppression that I have realized my calling in life, which is to support those who have been subject to injustice and walk with them as they heal. I primarily do this in my work as a mental health counselor and dietitian helping clients heal their relationships with food and their bodies. I also work together with clients to examine and dismantle stigma and oppression, such as diet culture or weight bias, that impacts their lives and overall health and wellbeing. 

Mental health stigma is all around us. I wish people knew that mental health affects us all. Most of us will struggle with some form of mental health related concern at some point in our lives. It is ok. There is nothing wrong with you. Help is available and it is possible to heal. We are all in this fight together.

I am based in Denver, Colorado, and co-own our business, Omni Counseling and Nutrition.  I offer coaching services to people outside of Denver that have difficulty finding someone in their area. The best way to get in touch with us is through our website!


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Corrie Van Horne, MA, LPCC, RD is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, Registered Dietitian, and co-owner of Omni Counseling and Nutrition. She serves as an advisor to Mental Health Mugs and is the brand champion for our "Stigma Fighter" mug. 



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