Promotional Mugs

Looking for affordable, hassle-free promotional materials for your business? Try a promotional mug from Mental Health Mugs.

We print one of our inspirational sayings on one side of the mug & your business' logo on the other.

Why order from Mental Health Mugs?

  1. We send you a free, no-strings-attached sample without asking you to commit to an order.
  2. No costly setup fee.
  3. Free shipping.
  4. The most reasonable minimum order size around: 12 mugs.
  5. A portion of all proceeds go to mental health charities.

If you've tried ordering promotional material before, you'll know how big of a deal this is. We're a small business ourselves & know what trying to make the most of a small marketing budget is like.

Other guys will say "get

By ordering from Mental Health Mugs, you're voting with your dollar. You're saying "I believe in this mission. I too want to contribute to starting conversations about mental health."

Watch a 90 second video about the Mental Health Mugs mission.



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